“Everything will be okay”

I have been dealing with some hardship lately. Whenever I bring up the issue, I am always told that “everything will be okay,” but what does that even mean?
Inevitably, I know I will be okay in the sense that I am not in a life or death situation, but is that all that okay means? Does okay mean I will survive or does it mean that I will get through this and be back to a better mental state?
Perhaps this is a response that is not really thought about. It is just an easy, vague statement that we all tend to throw around from time to time. While people will continue to assure us that we will be “okay” during times of hardship, I think it is important to define the meaning of “okay” for ourselves. 
Being okay will not be the same for everyone, and will change depending on the situation. The best way we can get through hard times is to help ourselves rather than rely solely on the help of others. To me, okay meant that I would get through a somewhat sad period and become happy again. 
Once I was able to define this for myself, the phrase “everything will be okay” suddenly held more value and no longer made me worry about the endless possibilities this phrase could mean. In this way, I learned how to take help from others and twist it in a way to help myself. While others’ words may be kind and calming, no one can truly allow you to reach your desired mental state except for yourself. 
While I chose the specific phrase “everything will be okay” for the sake of this post, this tactic applies to any comforting words of others. You must learn to guide yourself, as the words of others, at least in my experiences, are only helpful temporarily. You are the only person in charge of your mind, so you must work to move it into the place that you want it to be. 
***On a side note, I changed around the layout of this site and added a mindfulness calendar challenge, so let me know what you think of everything! All feedback is helpful!
Thank you for reading 🙂

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