Don’t Worry, Be Happy

There is some truth to the Bob Marley song. If you stop worrying, you will be happy. Who would’ve thought? It’s when we are in a good headspace and mindset that we learn to understand the irrationality of our previous worries.

It seems that when I was anxious a couple weeks ago, nothing was going my way. Once I calmed myself, meditated daily, and continued to work on myself, everything I was worried about seemed to magically fall together. Whether or not this was a “sign” is up for debate, but the crucial take-away is everything will end up working out; the worries along the ride just take away from the journey.

The main strategy that was able to help me reach this clear mindset, other than meditation, was writing. I wrote down my daily goals throughout the week, tasks I needed to complete (regardless of size), and a list of things to do when I got bored so that I would not sit around and aimlessly worry. The combination of these allowed me to have a fresh perspective and feel like I gained my sanity back.

We all go through rough phases, but once we are out, it is vital to reflect on what helped and what didn’t. When reflecting, we start to see that none of our worries helped us with anything. The vast majority of times, the situations we build in our head and worry about do not occur in real life. The more often we reflect and prove to ourselves that we do not need to be worrying, the less we will subconsciously worry. While this will be a conscious task at first, you must train the brain to retain its muscle memory in order to have a clear mindset.

Try out some writing and scheduling for yourself and see if that helps! It sounds tedious, but you can sit down and plan out all of your mindfulness goals and write out everything you have planned in under ten minutes, easily; you would be surprised!

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